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Hi my name is Aleksandra,
but my friends call me Ola.

My lifetime passion is
book design and illustration.
Could there be anything more pleasant
than participating in the birth of a book?
Not for me.

About my work

The entire book-making process is long and time-consuming, so it requires a lot of work and understanding of the client's needs. Aleksandra showed great commitment, gave many tips and helped to make thousands of decisions, both graphic and material. The communication went very well, without any unnecessary use of my time. Graphic designs were sent to me on a regular basis on agreed dates. If you want to have a well-made book, I recommend cooperation with Ms. Aleksandra.” Agnieszka Pasieka-Adamek / Atoato

Sensitivity and great imagination make the illustrations of Ola bring out from the story what is hidden between words. Thanks to her excellent technique, her publications are always perfect, with attention to every detail at all stages of the publishing process. I also appreciate punctuality and cooperation based on honesty and mutual respect. This is how I imagine "words well framed"!” Aneta Cruz-Kąciak / Wydawnictwo Poznańskie & Zygzaki publishing house

“Ola is an extremely creative designer. Focused, open to inspiration, inspiring. Perfectionist, she cares about colours and textures, she looks for the "second bottom" of the project, which she frames with images. She has been building her professional graphic design workshop over the years. Her imagination seems to be like a mysterious garden - a delightful and surprising beauty discovered there. I have the impression that Ola lives in the garden of her imagination, despite the fact that every day she seems to be an ordinary woman, mother, wife, friend and adventurer. “ Magdalena Wiśniewska / Henryk Wieniawski Musical Society of Poznań

I adore new challenges.
Write or tell me about your project.